Hodge Hill Girls School – Phase 2

About the project:

After completing a modular transformation at this school in late 2015, we had the pleasure of returning in early 2017 to undertake a second project, the renovation of an unusable double classroom facility.

Having already worked with the school previously, Refurb One were delighted to be invited back to complete a further project at Hodge Hill Girls School. This time around, we were tasked with transforming the school’s disused music department, a building that had been abandoned due to roof rot and poor insulation, both a health risk to their pupils. Our surveyor visited the school to understand the extent of the damage and came up with a plan to strip the building right back to basics.

The blown wooden exterior was replaced with a contemporary brickslip façade and the windows and doors were replaced to match the look of our previous project which sat adjacent. The roof received a new lease of life via the installation of a new state of the art Resitrix roofing system. The interior was stripped down to the external wall timbers and a top of the range insulation was installed everywhere to ensure the building remained warm all year round, all finished off with new lighting, partitioning, plastering, painting and woodwork.

We also replaced the decaying timber ramps with modern brick built ones fitted with warm to touch handrails. Another really satisfying project for Refurb 1 Ltd.