SIPS Construction

SIPS is a perfect construction solution for education sector projects. SIPS (Structurally Insulated Panel System) is a modern, fast-track method of construction that enables a traditional brick and block quality building, to be delivered in a rapid timeframe.

SIPS construction is now being favoured for many educational projects, where schools, colleges and universities are looking to expand their teaching accommodation with tight programme and budget constraints.

R1 Construction offers a full turn-key construction approach for SIPS buildings. This includes:

  • Preliminary project designs (no client obligation)
  • Detailed project costings (no client obligation)
  • Detailed project specification (no client obligation)
  • Planning applications and pre-construction surveys
  • Off-site manufacture
  • On-site construction phase
  • Full internal and external fit out and finishes
  • Mechanical and electrical fit out
  • External hard and soft landscaping
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Practical completion and handover

Essentially, we can work with you to take your project brief, and turn it into a completed functional building that can be occupied with immediate effect.

A SIPS building has many advantages over traditional (brick and block) and Modular forms of construction. Below is a brief table that highlights the advantages of SIPS, Modular and Traditional construction based on a standard double classroom building.

On-site construction time18-20 Weeks8 Weeks8 Weeks
Floor FinishSolid concrete or block & beam floorSuspended steel or timber floorSolid concrete or block & beam floor
Design ConstraintsNoneSquare / rectangular building,None
StructurePermanentTemporary or PermanentPermanent
Thermal Performance (1 Low – 5 High) 



Gross Floor Area156m²156m²156m²


We are promoting the use of SIPS due to the significant advantages it offers to the education sector. Although we also undertake traditional brick and block, and modular construction we feel that SIPS offers the most benefits to a school environment.

SIPS is an adaptable and diverse building system that provides speed, and reduced construction programmes minimising disruption to the school and learning environment. A SIPS system is fully BBA approved, and has a design life equal to that of a traditional building, with equal internal and external finishes and aesthetics. SIPS is a panellised building system that is manufactured off-site in a controlled factory environment improving quality and enabling cost certainty for a scheme.

Once the SIPS panels arrive on site, they are erected generally within a week dependent upon the building scale. Once the SIPS panels are erected, the building effectively becomes watertight.

This allows both internal and external trades to work in parallel which cannot be achieved with a traditional build system. This parallel working approach combined with the offsite superstructure manufacture enable the on-site construction programme to be significantly reduced. Often this means that major projects that are often extremely disruptive can be condensed significantly reducing the disruptive impact on the school, and learning environment.

In summary, a SIPS building offers:

  • 60+ Year design life, equal to a brick and block build
  • Fully BBA approved building system
  • The best thermal performance
  • Significant reduction in construction programmes (25-50% dependent upon project scale)
  • Adaptable and diverse building system
  • Cost certainty above ground
  • Traditional external and internal building finishes
  • Aesthetically the same as a conventional building system
  • Incredibly cost-effective

If you are considering a new building, please get in touch. We would be happy to assist with the early design stages and build specification along with offering a firm quotation at no obligation to you. In addition, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss the SIPS building system in more depth and answer any queries that you may have.